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Chaotic Balance On Well Built Structures
Andrew Schoultz (Solo)
Friday March 14th 2008
Sunday April 20th 2008
For Andrew Schoultz, art is an uncontrollable passion and obsession. This is apparent, among other things, in the abundance of paintings, drawings, murals, installations, photos, graffiti and sculptures he produces.
Since 1997 he has been working out of San Francisco on big murals, which have become his trademark. They resemble a fusion of political comics of Doctor Seuss, the social awareness of the Chicano Muralism, and the erratic reality of protest and beauty.
With his work, the artist comments on the themes from world history that he believes continually repeat themselves, such as war, colonialism, and the relationship between mankind and nature that must be constantly reinvented due to changing technologies.

The symbolic images in his paintings refer to Christian iconography, miniatures from the Middle-East, medieval maps, and his reinterpretation of folk art. That way an output arises of an apocalyptic world full of chaos, chimeras and fantasies; bizarre political landscapes filtered through the matrix of graffiti and comics.

Especially for this exhibition Schoultz will create murals and objects in Showroom MAMA. Moreover, this first solo presentation of Schoultz in the Netherlands includes a few new drawings from 2008.
Thanks to: 
Lindsay Charlwood / Galerie Roberts and Tilton, Los Angeles.