Re-Public II
13 December 2012
TENT Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012BR Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
Margriet Brouwer, Lisa Kleeven, Michelle Coenen, Marleen Hartjes and Ariadne Urlus
In the second episode of the Re-public series, TENT and Showroom MAMA place the growth of informal educational relationships under the microscope. Where is the knowledge about art, who has this knowledge, and how is it transferred and shared?
Informal education, located outside the formal education system, is a form of learning that often has a strong social component. These informal groups in the arts are central to this evening's event. People who create networks and use their social environment as a source of knowledge. Informal talent development in art is mainly achieved out of policy makers' sight, thus leading to a situation where little is known about the influence of informal learning in the arts.
On Thursday evening 13 December, four sample practices with a focus on young professionals and young people are discussed. Margriet Brouwer of Showroom MAMA, Lisa Kleeven of FOAM in Amsterdam, Michelle Coenen of the Antwerp AmuseeVous, and Marleen Hartjes of Kunstpodium T in Tilburg explain their strategies and methods. Ariadne Urlus, director of Showroom MAMA, leads the evening and will join them in conversation.

Kunstpodium T is a platform for starting artists. Central to this organisation is their Leerling/Meester (Apprentice/Master) project. FOAM's focus on young talent comes in the form of Foam_Lab, an annual initiative providing young professionals with the opportunity to develop their talents. AmuseeVous is a 'dating agency for young people and museums' in Flanders. Showroom MAMA offers young talent a special position front of house and behind the scenes of the organisation with its Rookies and Rookies MA talent development courses.