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Lace Fence
Friday March 28th 2008
Showroom MAMA
On a cold January day we contacted the designers Demakersvan to check if they were interested to produce a costumized Lace Fence especially for MAMA's office. But it had to be produced quickly!
Judith the Graauw came by and put herself to work behind her drawing table that same weekend. Judith designed a varied but not too busy pattern for us which leaves the MAMA logo visible. So on Monday, the order could be authorised.

Eventually our Lace Fence was installed in March. It took some more time because the boat from India - where Lace Fence is produced - traveled for a number of weeks.

The time between the order and the installation gave us the time to ask De Melker to produce heavy industrial frames. Lace Fence was planned to be installed in the frames of this Dutch company. Also we had to make way for the installation of the big fence - think of the heating, alarm, doorposts et cetera.

Siebe Thissen (BKOR) labelled the work into `art work in public space related to security' and adopted it.
We chose to fix the Lace Fence to the inside of our office, because the windows must be washed more often from the outside.

Lace Fence is also to obtain in white, but we chose for the traditional galvanised iron, just like the frames of De Melker. It's pretty industrial!
Lace Fence has earlier been installed as a separating wall in Amsterdam and recently as a pergola in Milano. This is the first application to reduce burglary. The production is manual; it's made in the factory which Demakersvan set up in Bangalore in 2007 where forty people are employed at the moment.