Prediction TV - Public Talks
22 November 19:00u, 6 December and 20 December 2012
Showroom MAMA, Witte de Withstraat 29-31, 3012 BL Rotterdam
During the show artists, researches and philosophers will give presentations on various aspects of the relationship between the imagination and reality.
22nd November 2012: Techno Fantasischism - Jump into the unknown.
A conversion between Darija Medic and Amy Suo Wu on connecting points throughout their thesis's, titled Navigating in the age of magical reproduction and Reclaiming uncertainty with para-rational methods, respectively.

Through historical and contemporary examples, the fantastical nature of the future and technology alike will be reflected on as spaces of possibilities that allow people to inject desires, fears and paranoias. The construction of reality is addressed through the performativity of code, the mechanism of self-fulling prophecy and the politics of knowledge legitimization. Further, meandering thoughts on technology and prediction as continuing practices of magic, as a means to control the natural world, will underpin the conversion.

6th December 2012: Afrofuturism and the vocoder, a mythical non�existence.
Danny van der Kleij takes us on an audio tour that journeys into the utopian imagination of Afrofuturism and the role of the vocoder in music history.

20th December 2012: Storms and crises: How science is becoming 'para-rational'.
Freek de Haan, sociologist from Erasmus University Rotterdam, will talk about weather systems and economies, i.e, chaotic and complex systems. He will also go into why they are inherently unpredictable by rational means – that is, through classical, deterministic science. This also connects with the crucial role of the better understanding of the nature of paradoxes, or the 'para-rational', present at the margins of all human discourse, specifically in economic conduct.