Street Art New York
Street Art New York
Street Art New York
Street Art New York
All Girls Street Art Collective Workhop at Wolfert van Borselen
All Girls Street Art Collective Workhop at Wolfert van Borselen
Episode 1. The Try Outs

Leek by HALP (Coco Bryce Remix)
The Here, The Now by Sander van Dijck

Bram Kuiper
Marèl Jap-Sam
Episode 2. Try Out II

A movie by Marèl Jap-Sam en René van Zundert
Camera and edit: René van Zundert
Titel: Marèl Jap-Sam
Titel music: Leek by HALP (Coco Bryce Remix)
All Girls Street Art Collective
Try Out I: 17 November 2012
Try out II: 24 November 2012
MAMA Proudly presents the multi-part project All Girls Street Art Collective: an innovative venture in the fields of street art, art education and talent development. The idea is to form a street art collective of twelve girls between 14 and 18 years old. The All Girls Street Art Collective project consists of four parts: Try Outs, where candidates are selected from 100 girls; the Course, where the collective is trained; the Exhibition at Showroom MAMA, where the collective's works are exhibited alongside the work of international female street artists. The final part is the Spin Offs, where the collective give workshops around the country and produce new works. MAMA is working with the HipHopHuis, where the project partly takes place.
In cities such as Paris, New York and Berlin, increasingly sweet and "girlish" images are contrasting the rougher forms of street art. This form is still in its infancy in the Netherlands where the male version of street art dominates the streetscape. MAMA likes to keep a strong eye on the female creator in contemporary visual culture. This project realises MAMA's ambition to contribute to the development, innovation and the future of street art. All Girls Street Art Collective has a big city, Rotterdam, ambitious and culturally diverse character – a countrywide view with an eye on the world.

The selection runs from December to March with an intensive process of master-classes, studio and exhibition visits, and city trips. During the journey, candidates explore the possibilities of street art and develop their own street artist style. In March 2013, the girls receive professional guidance to put on their own exhibition at Showroom MAMA. Their accomplishments will be shown alongside the works of female street art greats such as Margareth Killgallen (1967-2001 †, USA) and Miss Van (1973, FR). The girls will also co-select some of the artists they show alongside.

The All Girls Street Art Collective is a new project from the current intake of the Rookies, MAMA's talent development program for 16-26 year olds. Rookies receive work experience in the cultural field by partnering the development and production of MAMA's projects. Based on their interests, background, skills and ambitions, they develop a project with the help of MAMA's staff and external professionals from related fields. Rookies are intrinsically involved in MAMA's programming and have a sounding-board function within the organization. The Rookies course has expanded to include a younger branch aimed at 14-18 year olds. Rookies Junior focuses on youth as makers of art, and creates ways in which this group can identify with art and culture. Rookies Junior is realised through defined projects. The All Girls Street Art Collective is the first Rookies Junior project.

We aim for the All Girls Street Art Collective to continue being active once the project is complete. To encourage this, the collective will work in public spaces in and around Rotterdam. The girls will also share their enthusiasm and knowledge with other young people, by giving workshops in schools and other cultural institutions, including as RAAF (Rotterdam) and AAMU (Aboriginal Art Museum in Utrecht).

On November 17, the first Try Outs shall take place at the HipHopHuis. The day will be full of workshops, presentations, and meet-&-greets with artists like Kiki Peeters, and Lastplak. We'd like to invite as many girls as possible to show and share their motivations, skills and enthusiasm. At the end of the day the scouts will announce their first selection for the collective. The final selection will be announced at Try Out II on 24 November. Apply at
Supported by: 
Cultural Participation Fund, City of Rotterdam, Department of Arts & Culture Rotterdam, and Kroonpart Rotterdam

Try Out #2