The Silent Clowns Performance - Photo report
With contributions by: 
Melanie Wirz (CH, 1986) en Jakob Witte (NL, 1984)
Curated by: 
Benjamin Li (NL, 1985)
The photo report of The Silent Clowns Performance during the Festival 'De Wereld van Witte de With'.
Benjamin Li (NL, 1985) organized a performance during the Festival 'De Wereld van Witte de With'. The Performance "the small and the big" was danced by modern dancers Melanie Wirz and Jacob White. For the performance the dancers responded to the clown-like qualities of William Claassen's (NL, 1978) space-filling installation by combining classic slapstick elements with modern dance. The performance can be seen through the windows of the showroom, thus the exhibition functions as a stage and the street as an auditorium.

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