Raamproject XII 'SLAPSTICK'
Monday June 25th 2012
Thursday July 12th 2012
Showroom MAMA, Witte de Withstraat
29-31, Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
Silvie Buenen ('87, Schijndel) en Boris de Vries ('82, Den Haag)
Curated by: 
Lisa Bensel ('88, Freiburg), Amy Kan ('92, Hengelo) en Annosh Urbanke ('92, Vaals)
MAMA is proud to present a new edition of the Window Project. Under the guidance of our Rookies* The Window Project provides young artists with the opportunity to create a design for Showroom MAMA's windows. Window Project XII connects to the exhibition The Silent Clowns, which runs from July 14 at Showroom MAMA.
For this edition of the Window Project, Silvie Buenen and Boris de Vries have been invited to create two-dimensional works with the theme Slapstick.

Boris de Vries, better known as Father Futureback, is a graphic designer whose work is heavily influenced by skateboard, metal and punk culture. By day he designs tattoos, makes illustrations and creates collages, he is also the frontman of the band Adolf Butler. For this Window Project he has used typical elements from slapstick movies such as bananas and custard pies and a worked them into a pattern.

Silvie Buenen is a third year illustration student at AKV Sint Joost. In the centre of her drawings stand human figures. Silvie always draws her figures freehand and never makes sketches. Because of her spontaneous approach her figures seem to be always in motion. For this project she will respond to the challenge of making a large-scale work by painting directly onto the window surface, leaving only one chance to create the human figures.

The curators have brought these two artists together as a way of approaching the theme of Slapstick from different disciplines. Despite the many visual differences, the humorous approach is an aspect characteristic to both of their work. The windows will be divided between the two artists allowing them to create their own individual pieces. They shall also let elements from each other's works influence the finished pieces.

*This project is organised by Showroom MAMA's Rookies. The Rookie program is a group of young volunteers involved in MAMA's activities, which includes the Window Project. This edition of the Window Project was lead by the Rookies:
Amy Kan, BA Art History student in Utrecht, Annosh
Urbanke, BA student at the Reinwardt Heritage Academy in Amsterdam, and Lisa Bensel, who graduated in Fine Art at AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch, in 2011.

The Window Project closes with a closing party on July 10 from 17:00 till 19:00
Supported by: 

Raamproject XIII