Renée van Trier, 2012
Renée van Trier, 2012
Videoteaser by Renee van Trier
Crowdfunding: The Kids Are All Right 100%!
Crowdfunding: Voor de kunst
The 15 Years of MAMA book made it to the 100% at
Thanks to everyone that made a donation. We will keep you updated on the progress.
This summer MAMA turns fifteen years old, and ‪Fifteen years of MAMA means more than fifteen hundred artists, curators, directors, volunteers, a huge amount of exhibitions and projects and a very large audience. As well as a spectacular overview exhibition at de Kunsthal this summer, we want to celebrate this festive occasion with the release of a fantastic new book: The Kids Are All Right.
Please help us to make this book possible.

The Kids Are All Right book does justice to our glorious past and also looks to the future. MAMA's past most high-profile exhibitions such as SES Clay Dee Day, OUT of Photographers, Hardpop, MSLM, Sweatboxing, The Great Abnerio, Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch, are combined with a large number of special text and image contributions specially made for the publication. ‪Virtually all participants from MAMA's past, present and future, will take part in this book.

‪Providing an insight into the dynamics and approach of MAMA through the years: the book asks how did a small corner on Rotterdam's Witte de Withstraat become a defining platform for contemporary visual culture attracting the latest generation of image-makers and audiences? The book contains interviews, features, memories, analysis and many images. There is also a special section for the "personal stories" of our public and neighbors. The book's back cover will be an index of all projects, curators and participating artists from 1997 until 2012.

‪The contents of the book are loosely grouped around MAMA's interests: low art, street art, collaborations, public participation and (graphic) design. Initiatives such as De Vrienden van Lee (The Friends of Lee), De Artoonisten, Antistrot and the first class of Mr. Miyagi's (MAMA's curatorial course) are brought together to look back on their activities at MAMA.

‪The book is made ​​by a young MAMA team consisting of Benjamin Li, Eva Nobbe, Gerben Willers, Janna Haring, Jesse van Oosten, Lena Rufli, Lody Meijer, Sanne Helbers, all under the guidance of director, Ariadne Urlus, and editors, Emma Wolferen and Sanne Verplanke. MAMA's founder, Boris van Berkum, is an advisor to the project.

‪Confirmed participants include:
‪Arno Coenen, Ari Versluis, Benjamin Li, Boudewijn Bollman, Brad Troemel, Jaleel-Roy Lindsey, Jemima Brown, Jeroen Jongeleen, Johan Kleinjan, Joost ten Bruggencate, Ken Pratt, Louisa Menke, Luuk Bode, Marc Bijl, Martin C. de Waal, Petra Heck, Rafael Rozendaal, Renee van Trier, Rufus Ketting, Sander F. van Hest, Saskia van Stein, Siebe Thissen, Sue An van der Zijpp, Tim Braakman, Yasser Ballemans and many more…

‪This list is growing steadily. ‪We'll keep you informed of new contributions at and various social media!

Despite the free contributions from the many parties involved, not to mention the birthday presents from Veenman+ and co-producer post-editions, which together make this book possible, there is no production budget: and so, we have a shortfall. To address this, we have initiated a crowdfundingcampaign at focusing on our audience and private individuals. We hope that you are willing to contribute.

For more information about The Kids Are All Right:, call 0031 (0)10 2332022, email