Zoe Strauss, Sage Jumping (2009)
Zoe Strauss, Sage Jumping (2009)
Zoe Strauss and Harlan Levey
7 April 2012, 16:00 and 9 April 2012, 15:00
MU, Eindhoven and Concordia 21rozendaal, Enschede.
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Zoe Strauss, Harlan levey
As part of the exhibition Highbrow, Lowbrow, Nobrow – MOUSSE!, Showroom Mama presents 2 talks with photographer Zoe Strauss and curator Harlan Levey. On April 7 the will be at MU in Eindhoven and on April 9 in Enschede.
Zoe will talk about her I-95 project. In 1995, she started the Philadelphia Public Art Project, a one-woman organization whose mission is to give the citizens of Philadelphia access to art in their everyday lives. Strauss's photographic work culminates in a yearly "Under I-95" show, which takes place beneath the Interstate highway in South Philadelphia. She displays her photographs on concrete pillars under the highway and sells photocopied prints of her work for $5 each. Strauss now calls the Philadelphia Public Art Project an "epic narrative" of her own neighborhood. "When I started shooting, it was as if somewhere hidden in my head I had been waiting for this," she says.
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MU, Einhoven and Concordia 21rozendaal, Enschede