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Raamproject X - YO MAMA 2.0
Saturday December 24th 2011
Wednesday January 11th 2012
Opening: 23 December 18:00-19:00
Showroom MAMA, Witte de Withstraat 29-31, Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
André-Olivier Martin ('86, Willemstad, AN), Iryna Berezhko ('79, Izmayil, UA), Jacky Hijstek ('87, Zwijndrecht), Jaleel-roy Lindsey ('83, Paramaribo, SR), Jules Calis ('85, Nijmegen), Kirsten Peerdeman ('91, Alkmaar), Wai Seu Chan ('85, Oostburg)
Curated by: 
Jaleel-Roy Lindsey ('83, Paramaribo, SR), Emma van Wolferen ('90, Groningen)
During the build-up of Showroom MAMA's exhibitions, its windows are used for the Raamproject (Window Project). Art academy students and other aspiring creatives are given the opportunity to make a display for MAMA's windows. This time, students from the Willem de Kooning will provide the setting for Raamproject X.
With a large collage work, seven final year Fine Art students lift the veil on MAMA's upcoming exhibition: Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Tercartin, starting January 21, 2012. Central to the work of both Trecartin and Fitch is an absurd look at today's consumer society. This can be seen in their crowded and chaotic films, where they regularly appear alongside many actors. Their work is grand, eccentric and theatrical, and provides the viewer with an all-embracing image.

With this as inspiration, the students looked at the same sort of bizarre individuals Trecartin and Fitch point their cameras at. Using their characters as a starting point, the showroom's windows shall be transformed into an abnormal family residence. The result: an exciting and bold work of art.

The participating Rookie for Raamproject X is Jaleel-Roy Lindsey, who provided the link to the Willem de Kooning Academy, and has worked with fellow students for this group exhibition. In addition to creating his own work, he is also responsible for bringing together the different works, styles and techniques.

The project leader is Emma Wolferen ('90, Groningen). She is an intern at Showroom MAMA, and an undergraduate Art History student at Utrecht University.
Supported by: 
VSB Fonds & SNS Reaal Fonds

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