Art as we know it will (never) be the same again!
Een avond over internet kunst gepresenteerd door
Tuesday November 1st 2011
Willem de Kooning Academie, Blaak 10
With contributions by: 
Brad Troemel (US, 1987), Josephine Bosma (NL, 1962), Dennis de Bel (NL, 1984), Florian Cramer (DE, 1969), Moderator: Gerben Willers (NL, 1982)
MAMA and WDKA present an evening examining the impact of the Internet on contemporary art. Has the Internet changed contemporary art? If so, how has it changed and where is it visible? Several speakers shall present their views, their work, and answer questions from the audience. This evening has been organised in response to Brad Troemel's solo exhibition The Social Life of Things, at Showroom MAMA from November 5 - December 23. The exhibition's central theme looks at how information and objects are distributed among networks of people on the Internet and in the real world, and what are the subsequent consequences of this distribution.
Brad Troemel (US, 1987)
Brad Troemel is an Internet artist exploring how images and objects change meaning when worked on by groups of people collectively across the world.

Josephine Bosma (NL, 1962)
Since 1993 journalist and critic Josephine Bosma has examined the impact of the Internet on contemporary art. During this lecture she reflects on her latest publication Nettitudes - Let's Talk Net Art.

Dennis de Bel (NL, 1984)
Dennis de Bel is an interactive media artist who graduated in 2009 from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. His work explores relationships between new media, old techniques and everyday objects. He previously worked with Internet art pioneers, JODI, and is curator at the Triphouse Rotterdam.

Florian Cramer (DE, 1969)
Cramer is a researcher at the Institute for Research and Innovation, Rotterdam University. As an art historian, literary scholar and software programmer his research includes examining the influence of contemporary Internet culture on aesthetics.

Moderator: Gerben Willers (NL, 1982)
Gerben Willers is the curator of Showroom MAMA, and has been commissioned by the University of Groningen and the VU, Amsterdam, to compile an anthology on Dutch art critics from 1958-1975. His interests include, post-Internet art, street art and film.

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