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The Cabinet
Friday October 30th 2009
Tuesday December 22nd 2009
Opening: 30 October 2009, 07:00 - 11:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Honet, Gues, Allergy
MAMA wraps up 2009 with an exhibition by Honet, Gues and Allergy. Honet is one of the finest graffiti writers / artists of our time. He enjoys massive credibility amongst an extensive group of artists and graffiti writers.
"When going out once night has fallen, like a vampire, each precious drop of adrenaline makes me feel immortal and moves me away from mediocrity. This quest for the Holy Grail took me ever further, a little deeper still, from Paris to Moscow, from the grave to Heaven: searching for unique and fragile moments in time" - Honet, -

Honet's journeys around the world and wanderings through the Parisian catacombs lead him, in his own words: "from the grave to heaven". A collection of drawings, photographs, texts, and films constitute his documentary. Thus Honet constructs his exhibition in the mould of a modern cabinet together with Gues and Allergy.

The world as a stage
Graffiti is a way to investigate the world. Honet not only documents his tags in the hundreds of photos he produces, he also depicts daily life encountered on his journeys. In the photos his point of action becomes visible. For MAMA Honet creates a photo-strip, based on a journey from Beijing to Moscow via Kazakhstan (Beijing - Urumqi - Almaty - Astana - Moscow).

In Paris, his place of birth and residence, Honet concerns himself with the catacombs that lie beneath the centre of the city. The catacombs are a famous funeral ground in the shape of a large network of underground chambers and galleries. The total system of tunnels is more than 300 kilometers long and in it lie the remains of approximately six million Parisians. Here, out of reach of any kind of authority, Honet organizes underground parties and wanderings.

In The Cabinet the atmosphere of the catacombs becomes palpable and in this Honet produces a complete installation of photos, texts, and drawings by Gues and videos by Allergy.

Extra event: 30 October opening performance by Allergy!
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