Reus van Vlaardingen
Friday September 12th 2003
Sunday September 14th 2003
With contributions by: 
Florentijn Hofman
Curated by: 
Boris van Berkum & Jeroen Everaert
After the clay sculpting of an enormous landscape with countless small individual manifestations ( SES Clay-Dee-Day, 2002), it was decided on a project whereby many hands would be able to make one large sculpture.
10m high and made of wood: 'De Reus van Vlaardingen' ('The Giant of Vlaardingen', a pun on 'De Reus van Vlaanderen', 'The Giant of Flanders', a well-known breed of rabbit).

Projectleader/artist, Florentijn Hofman has a background as a sculptor and is an experienced leader of arts education projects.The MAMA space at The Strip became a wood working workshop.

Florentijn Hofman designed the form of the colossus and gave his own understanding to the mean of 'The Giant of Vlaardingen'.
His great inspiration and model was his won rabbit, Hassan Dapper, a distant cousin of the 'Vlaamse Reus' ('Flemish Giant'). The sponsor, Irado, the garbage disposal company of ONS, delivered 16 cubic meters of scrap wood; the material form which the giant would be built.