Friday July 18th 2003
Sunday August 10th 2003
With contributions by: 
Cosh & Hans Hartman, Florentijn Hofman & Carlos Mosquera, Colin van der Sluis & Laan Irodjojo, Bizar 1 & Livia Dencher, Hidde van Schie & Jeanette Pomario, Peter Brenner & Jahanneke van Nus, Oles & Jacqueline Loeve, Gertjan van den Akkerboom & Louise Guardia, The London Police & Hein Dingemans, Johan Kleinjan & Monique Bouman, Natasha Heydra & Belinda Thijsen, DJ Chantelle & Jeroen Pomp, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk & Minke de Fonkert.
Curated by: 
Jeroen Everaert
A creative blind date between MAMA and Herenplaats.
The 26 participating artists have a communal passion: art. Each produces art within his or own circuit. The artists invited by MAMA often work anonymously in public spaces (sticker and graffiti culture) and the Heren artists (connected with a project in Rotterdam that supports artists with special needs) are well known within the outsider and Art Brut circuits. In other words, what unites these two groups is their 'passion for paint'.

In Bruut! 13 artists invited by MAMA and 13 by Herenplaats had the chance to have a creative blind date with each other. For each it meant being thrown in at the deep end because neither of each pair knew each other and eventually met as couples on the canvas.

In Bruut!, equality and respect were essential. Each party was dared to find communication in the artistic process given the comprehension limitations of the Heren artists.

As a result of this project the Museum of Naïve Art in Marseille expressed interest in reusing the premise.