Under Construction Part Two
Thursday June 12th 2003
Friday September 12th 2003
De Strip, Vlaardingen
With contributions by: 
Aedding, Action Hero, Apetown, Bacterium, BA 52, Chick'n, Ckoe, Dcent, Dstruct, EASR, EHGZ, Elf, Ephameron, Ewos, ESK, FCP / AMB, Fietspomp, Foxy, Galo, Helikopter, Hiphophobbyklub, Iron, Karski, Kunstaas, Lastplak, Lowlita, Mackplakt, MissDubline, More$ MvM, OE Tietenmonster, Oles, Plug, Shes 54, SON 103, The London Police, Tomek, YEN, Wood.
Curated by: 
Chris Versteeg & Joost ten Bruggencate
The participating artists came from the following cities: Rotterdam, Utrecht, Antwerpen Nijmegen, Messancy, Hengelo, Eindhoven, Veenendaal, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Tilburg, Maastricht, Delft and Amsterdam.
The project, 'Under Construction' consisted of two parts: and exhibition of various installations and a series of workshops with a target group of schools in the neighbourhood surrounding The Strip.
The exhibition transformed the old Volume supermarket in Vlaardingse Westwijk into a mini-neighbourhood. A labyrinth of plywood and street furniture. The set up was created in order to foster the growth of a 'sticker zone'.

During the opening on the 12th of June, the project space was still almost completely empty but, after two weeks, a new wall was built and filled in so that eventually there was a set of alleyways and little walls. The idea that every time a new wall was erected, a new artist or crew were invited to work this in his or her own style proved highly successful. More than 40 artists and crews put their touches to an area at the invitation of the curators. With the reception of the exhibition, the reputation of The Strip grew within the sticker scene.

Under Construction Workshops
One of the key aims of the MAMA programme at The Strip was invite the local community to participate. As a result of the rather lean numbers of participants resulting form the 'Reus van Vlaardingen' project, it was decided to deliver shorter more structured workshops. The results would be picked up in the exhibition.

Individual participating sticker artists delivered the workshops. They gave information and explanations about how their developed and used techniques. The target group consisted of primary school children from Vlaardingen and its surrounds. After an initially quiet summer period during which many were away on holiday, a number of these workshops were run.

Judging from the estimated visitor numbers, these workshops were successful. Two schools participated in Under Construction. All classes in the junior school (circa 180 children) and t'Schravelent College from Schiedam visited, with three classes ( about 60 pupils). There were also a number of independent participants; about 10.

Thus approximately 250 participants in total. Joost ten Bruggencate took responsibility for most of the workshops delivered to schools.
These workshops were further developed and had follow up sessions at the request of the SKVR.