Circus Černý
Friday September 13th 2002
Saturday November 9th 2002
Showroom MAMA and 9 other locaties, Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
David Černý
Curated by: 
Boris van Berkum
Circus Černý is a retrospective of the work of the Czech sculptor, David Černý ( b. Prague, 1967).
The starkly monumental art works are spread over 9 different locations in and around the Witte de Withstraat and is part of the art and culture festival, 'The World of Witte de With'. The Circus manifests itself in exhibition and public spaces. Individual examples: Gigantic black babies inspect, insect-like, the building of the Rotterdam Disability Organisation (Rotterdamse Gehandicapten Organisatie); a middle-aged man hangs from the flag post of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen; a Trabant walks like a holy (cow) over the water of the Eendrachtsingel; in TENT two metre high pistols make the strangest noises. Circus Černý is the compelling oeuvre of a Rebel with a Cause.

David Černý
Although the Czech sculptor David Černý also made art before 1989, his work is mostly associated with the spontaneous 'people's' expression that broke out after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Especially in Prague, there was a radical metamorphosis. What was once forbidden was at once legal. The public spaces were genuinely public and art was aware of its duty to communicate with people. The writer Jachym Topol typified the rapid changes in his post-Communist fatherland as a period in which time exploded. We can view Černý as one of the designers of this explosion; as someone who set off festive fireworks all around himself. He has exhibited all over the world and remains crazy about playing pranks. In addition to traditional art, he has also been busy in recent years with cultural activism, film and techno music.

Pink Tank
Černý's reputation as a creative rebel soared when he decided to paint a Soviet tank baby pink. More specifically, the Soviet tank that was a war monument commemorating the Russian liberation of Czechoslovakia from the grip of nazi Germany. Černý's action hit like a bomb. The nation became caught up in endless heated discussions, in the streets and even in parliament while the international press gathered around the pink phenomenon. Černý has fed public discussion since them with his provocative art.