Expressure 4.2
Friday December 14th 2001
Friday March 15th 2002
With contributions by: 
Space-Invader(FR), Zevz(FR), Lokkis(FR), Shek(DE).
Curated by: 
Adrian Nabi
Expressure 4.2 showed the work of the artists Lokiss, Shek, Space Invader & Zevz.
These four creative forces are primarily active in public spaces. They view the streets as an exhibition space where they can confront passers-by with their actions and art. The urban structures are involved and changed in order to allow the observer to view his environment differently.

Space-Invader sees the public itself as an indispensable part of his 'game' whilst Zevz 'attacks' and 'corrects' advertising signs 'so that they can be a bit more realistic'. The roots of this practice lies in Hip Hop. Many graffiti writers such as Shek specialise specifically in the refining of their own handwriting. Others, such as Lokiss, use the same skills as a weapon to place social issues in the limelight. These four exponents represent a worldwide phenomenon; a kaleidoscope of Urban communication and Urban aesthetics.

Urban Art or Urban Terror?
For a large group of citizens this subculture is a form of urban terror. Because the makers place their work uninvited and without the necessary permissions, it's cleaned up as 'litter' by the city cleaning authorities. In 2000 the City of Amsterdam started a witch-hunt against Space Invader, demanding the cleaning costs for 'an advertising campaign for a computer game'. Finally the relentless city dwellers are recognising and valuing these forms of expression.
The magazine, 'Backjumps' (Berlin) take the makers of aerosol culture and Urban art seriously. In the extensive interviews, the artists speak for themselves. The many full colour pages highlight the art, the actions and design. The fact that 'Backjumps' co-produced the exhibition Expressure 4.2 shows that 'Backjumps' is more than just a (powerful) magazine.

The motivation for working together was put forward by the chief editor, Adrian Nabi as follows, "Turbo-capitalism and mass-production suppress any form of individualism almost to the degree of anonymity. Our magazine wants to give the artists the possibility to break free of this ever faster spinning circle for a moment, to pause in order to be able to be loud. This time in MAMA showroom we found partners for artists. MAMA helps us to create space for the 4 featuring artists so they can get really loud !"

MAMA killed two birds with one stone with Expressure 4.2: attention was focussed on the European answer to American graffiti and the magazine 'Backjumps' received a raised profile in the Netherlands.