Form Fickt Farbe, Die Artoonisten machen Bremen
The Artoonists Do Bremen
Sunday September 2nd 2001
Sunday October 7th 2001
Alten Havenspeicher, Bremen-Vegesack
With contributions by: 
Luuk Bode, Cirque de Pepin, Hans van Bentem en DJ Chantelle
Curated by: 
Angelo Evelyn and Henk v. d. Haar
The exhibition was one in a series of three: Czech, Polish and Dutch art.
These exhibitions has a common theme joining them, ' The Topography of Ideas' ('Topographie des Gedächtnisses').
In this exhibition the curators wanted to make the lines joining traditional artistic techniques and new media visible. Thus, interactive computer-generated images were placed besides paintings, printed and carved images. The work of The Artoonists (Luuk Bode, Cirque de Pepin, Hans van Bentem en DJ Chantelle) fitted perfectly with this concept. In painting, screen prints, glass objects and ceramics, they portray a world in which reality, cartoons and the virtual world of video games and Japanese comics mix with each other. Profundity and banality go hand in hand, the divides between high and low culture are consciously crossed.

Catalogue: 'Topographie des Gedächtnisses - Aktuelle Kunst aus den Niederlanden', 2001, Protisk.
Supported by: 
STRAVE van de Stadtrat Vegesack & Protisk, Bremen