Colour your voice, come vote at MAMA's
Seedy gym vs. party expo
Wednesday March 3rd 2010
07:30 A.M. - 09:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Aline Yntema (photography), Benjamin Li (photography), Kyra de Boer (photography), Anne Groenewegen (photography), Christianne van de Weg (photography), Rianne Verweij (photography), Sanne Helbers (photography), Andrea Fitskie (photography), Iris Schuttevaar (photography), Erik Lumbela (text, photography), Sara van Woerden (text, photography), Tim Braakman (installation), Sjoerd Schunselaar en Zanza Loupias (interns)
Curated by: 
Marieke de Rooij, project coordinator
The Rotterdam council election is scheduled on 3 March 2010. MAMA, presentation-institute for contemporary art, is the official polling station for the Cool district (centre of Rotterdam). From 07:30 A.M. till 09:00 P.M. everyone can vote at the exhibition Don't Worry, Be Happy.
The familiar voting boxes will become a natural component of this colourful exhibition on the rainbow. On the pretext of: Colour your voice, come vote at MAMA's! we want to show that every single vote colours the city. Naturally we also welcome everyone from outside the Cool district.

Ari Versluis
Prior to election day, photographer Ari Versluis, along with Elly Uittenbroek Exactitudes®, will present a photo-graphy master class to MAMA's volunteers. On March 3rd will they produce a photo reportage on the election event at MAMA's and on other polling stations. The photos will be presented as a window reportage from March 8th till March 24th. Afterwards everyone can col-lect his/her photo as a memento of this important event.

Ping-pong and Helmut Smits
Especially for Colour your voice, come vote at MAMA's! ping-pong design will create the rainbow gazette. For the election day, the interactive work Full Colour by Helmut Smits will be installed, a CMYK lemonade tap which enables you to mix your own brightly coloured soda.

Don't Worry, be Happy
The voting boxes are installed in the midst of the work of fourteen (inter)national artists: Abner Preis, AIDS-3D, Asgar/Gabriel, Constant Dullaart, Friends With You, Jeff Soto, Marijke Appelman, Merijn Hos, Ola Vasiljeva, Petra Cortright, Rafael Rozendaal, Remco Torenbosch, Richard Colman & Wayne Horse.

For more information on Colour your voice: come vote at MAMA's! you can visit our website www.showroommama.nl . Or contact Alyssa Mahler (alyssa@showroommama.nl) or Gerben Willers (gerben@showroommama.nl). Phone: 010 233 2022
Thanks to: 
VSB fonds, SNS Reaal Fonds, Forum voor democratische ontwikkeling www.forumdemocratie.nl en Bureau Verkiezingen Rotterdam.