Hannah Does Holland
Once again MAMA pulls off a Dutch premiere. Hannah Holland, one of London's hottest dj's will be headlining the bill at Epi-Later, the after opening party for Ladyshave Home Edition, the exhibition that opens of 15 July 2005.
Hannah is one of the gang that brings trendy Shoreditch the already legendary Trailer trash nights and is an old hand at developing new edgy clubbing experiences. Although many were very sad to see the midweek "Suck My Truck" go, fortunately there's often opportunity to take in her set at the Hoxton Bar & Grill and a range of other venues on a regular basis.

Together with co-regulars Mikki Most and Per Qx, Hannah has turned a former seedy bar in Hoxton into the fiercest bi-monthly Friday nights where the club kids, arty-farty post-drag queens and bemused locals get messy and sweaty to their special brand of filthy bleep music.

We just know that Hannah is going to crank up the lucky visitors to Zaal de Unie after the Ladyshave opening so why don't you make sure you're one of them. With no entrance fee, you've got nothing to loose except your reputation!

Epi-Later, 11:30 P.M - 01:30 A.M., Zaal de Unie, Mauritzweg 34 Rotterdam