Ladies At Home
A project about us, made for them, comes homeā€¦
Ladyshave Home Edition opens at MAMA on Friday 15th July 2005. The exhibition will offer summer visitors to MAMA the opportunity to see an exciting exhibition that includes works by some of the Netherlands hottest contemporary artists.
Ladyshave Home Edition started its life as collaboration between MAMA ands Cell Project Space, London. Originally made for Cell, Ladyshave examined issues of female identity and gender in the work of diverse Dutch contemporary artists. It asked a London audience to compare its preconceptions of Dutch womanhood with how artists from the Netherlands discuss female identity and gender.

Ladyshave Home Edition, is the substantially reworked version of that project -curated with a foreigner's eye- that asks the home audience to see what we make of our artist's thoughts and statements about female identity and gender in our contemporary society.

In the light of the "re-emergence" of gender politics as a notable feature of this year's Venice Biennale and the role of gender politics and identity in some of the most pressing current social questions for Dutch society, MAMA once again offers a timely thought-provoking project.

Whilst many of the big names participating - Jennifer Tee, Madeleine Berkhemer - need no introduction to a home audience, Ladyshave Home Edition also gives conscious space to a number of the emerging generation of Dutch artists, including a number likely to be of interest to a Rotterdam audience.

One of the talented fresh faces is Marga Weimans, a local who has recently graduated from the world-renowned fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Marga's beautifully executed designs are perhaps all the more interesting to a Rotterdam audience since one of their sources of inspiration is the local street culture of the city. It's probably just a matter of time before she's drawing applause form the fashion capitals of the world.

DJ Chantelle is another local face, perhaps best known as a member of The Artoonists, the creators of the Marten Toonder Monument at Blaak. DJ Chantelle's modular installation executed in ceramics, wine, coal, make-up and other media for this show truly shocks and amazes.

Another resident of Rotterdam, Risk Hazekamp, will be showing beautiful large-scale photographs. Her unique and thought-provoking work has seen her gaining increased recognition of late with invitations to participate in shows in a number of museums in the Netherlands.