Sticky Waters - new work by Johan Boer
Mid-December sees the unveiling of a new art work by Johan Boer on the old Imax building.
This work, a sticker art work on glass, is more than 80 square metres, Johan's biggest work to date. The work is a result of an initiative by Rotterdam Marketing and OBR, being delivered by Showroom MAMA with support from BKOR.

Johan has taken the themes of water and the city as inspiration: the whimsical forms as reflections of coloured light on the water, filling itself nightly with colours that remain visible the next day. Through working with coloured transparent foils that will be built up in layers on the outer side of the gigantic light box, with the arrival of dusk, once the lighting behind is activated, the work will have a different appearance than during the day.

Like the ebb and flow of the river, the coming and going of the city residents and the disappearance and appearance of buildings in the vicinity, this art work is also whimsical, dynamic and undergoing constant change,' in the words of the artist.

The art work can be seen twenty-four hours a day until June 2006 at the Old Imax Theatre, Schiedamsedijk 130.