Reclaiming the Street
Sunday June 13th 2010
Sunday July 25th 2010
Roodkapje, Meent 119-133 Rotterdam
MAMA invited ideas and designs for an object or an adaptation to the urban public realm in order to allow skateboarders and others to playfully make use of public space.
In the past months students, artists, skateboarders and designers from around the world have submitted more than 80 concepts for the Reclaiming the Street competition.

From 13 June till 25 July 2010 all submissions - ranging from scale models to booklets, drawings, works of art and films - were on view at the cultural hotspot Roodkapje Rot(t)terdam, Meent 119-133, www.roodkapje.org.

A jury of experts on the field of skateboarding, design and architecture nominated four submissions to be developed into a design that could be realized. The audience decided on the fifth nominee. The five nominees were announced on Thursday 15 July 2010.


The jury nominated:
Twist and Shout by Martand Khosla (Romi Khosla Design Studios), New Delhi, India

& by Carlos Antonio Ruiz Tapia, San Juan Cuautlancingo, Mexico

Red Height Design by Tefvik Mehmet Aydin and Bahadir Altinkaynak, Ankara, Turkey

The Car Crashset/Fun is Awesome by Marten Koster, Hassel Dekker, Bjorn Eulink and Renee Reijnders, Gouda, The Netherlands

The audience nominated:
De Badkuip/The Bath tub by NAUTA architecture & research (Maurizio Scarciglia), Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Rot(t)terdam Roodkapje
Supported by: 
Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, Mondriaan Stichting, Gemeente Rotterdam Dienst Kunst en Cultuur and Stichting DOEN.

Twist & Shout
Art in public space