Mister Miyagi 2006 in full swing!
At the moment the final participants of Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow 2006 are eagerly diving into the research stage of the project. They will visit final-exam exhibitions and ateliers throughout Belgium and The Netherlands.
It wasn't an easy task to select 6 new curators who would go on to the subsequent stages of the program out of all the applicants.
Finally, however, the mentors have made their selection. MAMA is pleased to announce that the 6 fresh curators who will participate in the programme, are:

Petra Heck (Amsterdam), Magali Meijers (Amsterdam), Katayoun Arian (Leiden), Femke Vos (Leiden), Elke van Eeden (Den Haag) en Camiel van Lenteren (Utrecht).

They have been asked to develop a project for showroom MAMA that showcases their curatorial vision drawn from work of the 2006 graduates of any academy in the Benelux. To be sure they don't miss out on anything they will be visiting academies in Gent, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Enschede, Zwolle, Groningen, Arnhem, Antwerpen, Den Haag, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Breda and Bruxelles.

Behind the scenes MAMA has set up a special e-learning area where the participants can file and share ideas, inspirations and artist information. It also offers the possibility to discuss content and findings with the other Miyagi's and the mentors. Following the huge activity on the net, the exhibition is bound to be an amazing show that can be seen from 1 December 2006 at Showroom MAMA

The international panel of mentors that will provide our Miyagi's guidance and feedback consists of Ken Pratt (curator London), Bettina Carl (artist/curator Berlin), Jan van Woensel (curator Antwerp), Sophie van Olfers (curator WdW Rotterdam) and Nous Faes (director Showroom MAMA Rotterdam).