Museum Night 2007
MAMA's Triple Treat
Saturday 3 March Rotterdam could enjoy midnight-visits at the museum or gallery again during the Rotterdam Museumnight. And, as always, it was one big party! It seems it's getting busier every year, this is at least true for MAMA. We had a whopping 4300 visitors, so the Showroom was packed.
Specially for this occasion MAMA 'squated' two other corners in the Witte de Withstraat. In the empty space of the Home Hotel MAMA had a super-exclusive screening of the European premier of The Quickening by Sue de Beer.

And in the former Gall & Gall, where the liquor-scent had only just left the building, mad boys mc's Miho and De Koning van Zuid accompanied by dj's Boonie (Antistrot), Frenk (Shifting Gears) en Basskowski went ballistic. The MAMA-Klaus-Kleber-gardenshed aka Antistrots Krebshundehok, which was placed inside the space never experienced a better party before!

Check out the video on the left for live footage of the party.