MSLM Report I
Before it even had opened MSLM created a buzz in the media, therefore MAMA held a special press-presentation of the exhibition and the magazine.
Natasa Heydra, curator of the exhibition and three members of the editorial staff of the magazine, Anny Sheikh, Hasna Boutahiri en Bushra Sayed, accompanied by Andreia Costa and Femke Dekker had to do interviews all the time. VPRO's Villa Achterwerk, NOS, RNW, NMO ànd Reuters all took the invitation to come early. Unfortunately we missed two out of the editorial staff: Yonca Özbilge was abroad and Soad Bouchentouf arrived too late to gain her fifteen minutes of fame.

Afterwards we had our regular opening for the public and we saw many colleagues from the field, more gorgeous Moslima's, peeps whom worked on the project and other fashionista's, whilst cameramen lingered around because it was a real cosy event.
Young designer Mada van Gaans, stylists Patrick van Timmeren, Aicha Marley and Simone de Koning, as well as photographers Petrovsky and Ramone got lots of attention. If you're going to watch the show, pay extra attention to the new creations that Mada and Iniy Sanchez made especially for MSLM! Read more about them in the interview, which can be found in the right column.

MAMA-staff and volunteers are busy every day with giving workshops and guiding interested press, groups and scholars. If you would also like to be shown around in this exhibition, please email to info@showroommama.nl. There might be some room left in the agenda.
You can visit MSLM until 10 June and you can buy (or order), the magazine in the better bookshop near you.