MAMA's noise, rock, and electro soundbites report
The special events of this years Witte de With festival went exactly as they were intended: The local band MONO attracted an enthusiastic and grateful crowd to the Gaypalace. Including encores they played for almost an hour.
As usual, the downstairs area got really crowded, so one had to squeeze through. It was only when the electro fans found their way to the second floor, where Hannah Holland pounded her batty bass mix, that the night got it's balance. Over 500 people attended this year's party, so we almost had full house. At half past four everybody rolled, happy and satisfied, into their beds.

And then there was the Belgium invasion of Quasar Noise Lab, the collective of Philip Metten. Three performances were planned, two of which took place after dark. The sound of band members Aldo Struyf and Dave Schroyen was not so much noisy but more deep, with a spectacular resonance which lasted for several minutes in the deserted truck.We were allready scared that our speakers wouldn't make it. And indeed, they went all the way through the safety?

In the left column you can see a short impression of what the Belgians brought us, try to imagine the sound with it!