Project(or) in the press
A sample of press reviews of Project(or) Art Fair.
"Art fair without a hobby club feeling. The former post office on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam has been expertly remodelled into an exhibition space."
De Pers (8 Feb)

"A fresh, exciting addition to Art Rotterdam also comes from a woman: Nous Faes of Showroom MAMA launches a fantastic new initiative, the Project(OR) Art Fair. MAMA has thus created a young, hip and alternative little sister for Art Rotterdam."
De Telegraaf (8 Feb)

"Art Rotterdam also has a 'young' side-event."
NRC (7 Feb)

"Project(OR) navigates between commerce and content? The impressive former post office on the Coolsingel, which accommodates the small fair, is in itself a cause for celebration."
De Volkskrant (8 Feb)

"Project(OR) The first decade of the twenty-first century can go down in art history as the age in which 'the art fair' has become a dominant factor (or 'became' perhaps, when viewed in retrospect). The importance of art fairs has grown explosively since the year 2000. Miami is often talked about, where the Art Basel Miami Beach radically changed the artistic climate and where an otherwise sleepy location for the arts is briefly transformed into an epicentre of the art world in the first week of December. But cities such as London and New York also have their fairs, which act as powerful magnets and generate a few days of 'Art Fever', even though these are cities that have a surplus of museums, art spaces and prominent exhibitions all year round. Any art city with a little self-respect has its own fair. With satellite fairs.
There are two important fairs in the Netherlands: Art Amsterdam and Art Rotterdam. There were a number of side-fairs in Amsterdam during the nineties, but these had something of a guerrilla atmosphere. They were directed against the real art fair (although the Kunstvlaai has developed into an entity in its own right). There was certainly no question of a fully fledged satellite or 'step up fair'. Nor was there in Rotterdam. Art Rotterdam was itself initiated as an alternative for the (then named) KunstRAI, but over the years it has itself become the 'gentleman'. It was only a question of time before the Netherlands was also able to boast a decent 'side-fair'. And that time came this year in Rotterdam: Project(or). It was a small fair, organized by Showroom MAMA in the imposing former post office on the Coolsingel, and with entrants that balanced on the thin line between alternative space, artists' space (such as the Rotterdam studio complex Het Wilde Weten), and commercial galleries. With a highly international entry (London, Istanbul, Casablanca, Los Angels, Berlin and Oslo were represented among others) the first edition was surprisingly good. Slightly messy, properly so, but full of zeal, with interesting 'young' art (Art Rotterdam suddenly becomes mainstream), and also with a mix of fresh 'underground' and more established work from the group of artists presented. More than worth repeating."
Robert Roos Kunstbeeld Nr 3 2008

MVS media made a report on Project(or), which is published on Youtube in two parts. Check out the videos in the left column.