The unveiling of Paint My Picture!
12 September 2008, 06:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
Friday at 06:00 P.M. the unveiling of Paint My Picture! will take place at Showroom MAMA. Hans Walgenbach (director of the Historical Museum Rotterdam Het Schielandshuis) will announce the painting that Niels Smits van Burgst made of maybe your holiday snap.
The past few weeks we received hundreds of photographs from people who returned enthusiastically from their holidays. At this moment, Niels Smits van Burgst is working hard to immortalize one of these photographs in his characteristic painting style. First the work will be exposed at our showroom, after which it travels to Het Schielandshuis. There it is on view from Tuesday 16 September.

In the Schielandshuis the complete Paint My Picture! project will be shown. Besides the painting, a photo book with all photographs will be on view. In this book you can see how diversely people photograph their holidays.

There's a interesting question: How did the contributors snapshot their holidays? This was not only dependent on the country that one visited, from the rainy Netherlands to petanque playing nudies, but also of a wide range of interests.

Ernest Claassen photographed the inhabitants in Pakistan whereas Marie José Klok Claessens and her husband mainly photographed themselves in Egypt. And Debbie van der Breggen? Debbie photographed the head of the horse she was sitting on while trotting along the Dutch sea shore. Honors also go to Elsa Janssen who sent in a photograph of herself with a rhinoceros in the background.
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