Opening report YES
Opening: 3 oktober 2008, 19:00 - 23:00 uur
Friday 3 October was the opening of our exhibition YES. The fact that our local hero Rufus Ketting curated the show was to be noticed. Between 07:00 and 11:00 P.M. some 200 people visited MAMA.
Except for a few minor flaws, the show looked great. For example: Isissyndrome by Kimberly Clark was well spotlighted and looked naturally between all party-goers. And, again, thanks to our hosts, no extra trash was dumped to the original material of the sculpture (where's that distinction between art and reality?).

Another minor flaw was the lack of a permission to serve alcohol. But during the afterparty at Bar Dancing De Camping this lack of alcohol was compensated by all dedicated alcoholics.
The compartments where the DVD's of Max Maas (and Ana Hilti), Matthijs Vlot and the website popcornpainting.com by Rafaƫl Rozendaal were projected, made a big impression thanks to their bright colours and weird sounds that were coming from them. And our darkroom that featured Mille Sabords by Gert Jan Akerboom en Hidde van Schie also functioned outstandingly as a social hotspot.

Maybe it was because of the rain that people didn't take home the free Parra posters. But from Wednesday the 8th there are some copies of this limited edition (250) ready to pick up!

So, now we feature YES. Thanks to the outrageous colours, the division of the space and the selection of artworks there's a lot to be wandered and discovered in our showroom. The first start was there and when we can believe the positive reactions, you certainly shouldn't miss this one.
we want to make big compliments to the hosts of the evening, Marieke, Renee and Liselotte, who made everything go smooth.