Favorite design for Reclaiming the Street
MAMA is proud to announce the winning design for its Reclaiming the Street competition; Twist and Shout by New Dehli based Martand Khosla (Rhomi Khosla Design Studio).
Reclaiming the Street is a competition for ideas and proposals in which MAMA requested designs for objects or adaptations of urban space to be used by skateboarders and the general public. Twist and Shout by Romi Khosla Design Studio is a simple, elongated twisted form of high sculptural quality made from recycled wood (which affectionately became known as the Wokkel).

Twist and Shout was one of more than 85 designs submitted for the competition by students, artists, skateboarders and designers from around the world. The jury of specialists made a shortlist of four entries for possible realization. The public determined a fifth nomination.

The jury members were: Florian Waldvogel (former skateboarder and Director Hamburger Kunstverein), Gyz La Rivière (former skateboarder, artist and Rotterdam expert / visionary), Louisa Menke (photographer and professional skateboarding star), Elger Blitz (owner, Carve design and engineering, former professional skateboarder), Dees Linders (Director, Sculpture International Rotterdam) and Elma van Boxel (ZUS Architects).

The five shortlisted designs were:
1. Twist and Shout by Romi Khosla Design Studios (Martand Khosla, Romi Khosla, Maulik Bansal, Naresh Kumar and Clarisse Maillot), New Delhi, India.
2. & by Antonio Ruiz and Carlos Tapia, San Juan Cuautlancingo, Mexico.
3. Red Height Design by Tefvik Mehmet Aydin and Bahadir Altinkaynak, Ankara, Turkey.
4. The Car Crashset / Fun Is Awesome by Marten Koster, Hassel Dekker, Bjorn Eulink and Renee Reijnders, Gouda, The Netherlands
The public voted for:
5. De Badkuip / The Bathtub by NAUTA architecture & research (Maurizio Scarciglia), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The shortlisted designers were given the opportunity to develop their ideas further, the criteria were tightened up and promising Rotterdam locations were proposed. In October, a master class was organized where the designers could pitch their ideas to three experts: jury member Elger Blitz, Jeroen Everaert (Director of Mothership) and Koen Taselaar (artist and skateboarder). After receiving the final designs they chose Twist and Shout as the winner.

Twist and Shout
Twist and Shout by Martand Khosla (Romi Khosla Design Studio) is a simple, elongated twisted form of high sculptural quality made from recycled wood (which affectionately became known as the "Wokkel"). The form is strong in its simplicity and is derived from skateboarding motions. The design reclaims a piece of public space in a subtle way. Disguised as an art object, it's also appealing for those who are not skateboarders. The jury finds this an original and discreet design and unanimously would like to see it realized in the city. It confronts the skateboarder because it is not a common skateboarding object, and offers a challenge to be conquered.

MAMA produced a publication about the Reclaiming the Street competition, featuring all nominated ideas and honorable mentions. With texts by Iain Borden and Jocko Weyland, and photos by Koen Taselaar and Louisa Menke. Edited by Clint van der Hartt, architectural historian and editor of Stuit'r, and designed by Petra Valdimarsdóttir, released in the spring of 2011 and co-published by Post Editions, Rotterdam.
Supported by: 
Gemeente Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fonds, Stimuleringsfonds Architectuur and Stichting DOEN

Twist & Shout
Art in public space