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The Great Abnerio's Circus
Première: 5 Februari 2011, 06:00 P.M.
Your Space, Kruiskade 9 Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
Abner Preis and Wes Westenburger
Curated by: 
Gerben Willer and Margriet Brouwer, project coordination
During the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) MAMA shall be making a circus show and film presentation in collaboration with the artists Abner Preis and Wes Westenburger.
The film stars The Great Abnerio, who also presents the exhibition The Adventures of The Great Abnerio at Showroom MAMA until 13 March. The Great Abnerio is a fictional character from the storyteller and artist Abner Preis. He is a circus strongman with his own travelling show, recounting tales of his superhero adventures, his friends and the magic learned on the way.

Under the direction of Wes Westenburger The Great Abnerio shall be stopping off at Your Space, assisted by over 35 volunteers who act, film and make costumes for the production. Wes Westenburger, a former circus artist, graduated from Rotterdam's Willem de Kooning Academy in 2008. He made a big impression with his Circo Papi Kuko especially when it landed at Basel's Galerie Daeppen. Unfortunately, shortly after his graduation he broke his neck and now uses a wheelchair. Filming for The Adventures of The Great Abnerio shall take place on Friday 28 January at Your Space, where the film shall also be premièred on Saturday 5th February, 18:00 h. Showroom MAMA and Your Space are XL-locations of the 40th anniversary of IFFR.