Afterparty De Wereld van Witte de With
MAMA Presents EASTPAK Happy New Year
Friday 9 September 2011, 11:00 P.M. - 05:00 A.M.
Gay Palace, Schiedamsesingel 139 - behind Witte de Withstraat
With contributions by: 
Boemklatsch, Electrophants, Men of mega (8BIT), Dogs of Shame (Shameless hiphop), Rotterdams talent ism Radio Lastplak, DJ O'Henn (SNOOZEBAR), Shitmeister T
Showroom MAMA and EASTPAK are celebrating New Year's a little early this year - combining their energies for a party to start off the new cultural season, as part of 'De Wereld van Witte de With' international arts festival (9 -11 September 2011).
EASTPAK, the well-known urban lifestyle brand, has made a name for itself with its new-year parties organised throughout Europe. From Barcelona to Milan and London, and this year in addition to parties in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag, they are coming to MAMA's hometown of Rotterdam.

Showroom MAMA shall give the EASTPAK parties a true Rotterdam flavour, and together with the likes of Lastplak, the A-GAEKE Analog VJ Team, and the Rookies - MAMA's very own young creative talent - we'll transform the new-year party concept into a lavish visual spectacle. Complete with backpacks sprouting sexy naked legs in a fabulously dressed interior, this is the place to be for lively conversation, good vibes and lots of champagne.

This organised chaos is supported by an equally silly line-up, including: Boemklatsch, Electrophants, Men of Mega (8BIT), Dogs of Shame (Shameless Hip-hop), local Rotterdam talent in collaboration with Radio Lastplak, DJ O'Henn (SNOOZEBAR), and Shitmeister T. MAMA presents EASTPAK Happy New Year - the best way to kick-off your cultural new year.


Other EASTPAK Happy New Year Parties:
Friday 26 August
* Amsterdam, Melkweg
Presented by Clinch. Featuring: Daniel Wang (Balihu, Berlijn), Optimo (Optimo Music, Glasgow), Alfabet - Tom Trago & Steven de Peven (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Saturday 27 August
* The Hague, Bink 5 Hoog
Presented by High Voltage. Featuring: Hudson Mohawke (UK) and Nobody Beats The Drum
* Utrecht, Tivoli Oude Gracht
Presented by DUM DUM. Featuring: Wolfgang Gartner and Boemklatsch / Tivoli De Helling presented by Electro Swing Club

For more information about the MAMA presents EASTPAK Happy New Year contact:
Showroom MAMA, tel: 010 2332022 or Shirin Mirachor shirin@showroommama.nl, 0617435840, or tim@showroommama.nl
Thanks to: 

Shirin Mirachor -- PAK Experience Design, Jos Traa --EASTPAK, Joint Hamsterkids