Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow
Tuesday January 4th 2005
Wednesday October 5th 2005
The Mister Miyagi Programme is now in full swing. The final participants are eagerly diving into the research stage of the project.
If their frenzy of committed activity in the recent briefing meetings and online - in the special e-learning area that MAMA has set up - is anything to go by, they will come up with a great project, due to open at showroom MAMA in October.

If it was difficult enough to select the participants for the first stage of the programme, it was a brutal task for the international mentor panel to select the 6 new curators who would go on to the subsequent stages of the programme. Finally, however, they made their selection.

MAMA is pleased to announce that the 6 fresh curators who will go on to make the project for MAMA are:
Carolien van den Akker (Rotterdam), Gerben Willers (Groningen), Rudy Nacken (Hilversum ), Sandra van Dongen (Utrecht), Karina van Bezooijen (Vlaardingen ), Yasser Ballemans (Breda)

They have been asked to develop a project for showroom MAMA that showcases their curatorial vision drawn from work of the 2005 graduates of any academy in Benelux. So, whilst they are already well into planning trips to academies in Ghent, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and all over Benelux, if you think you are a talent that they should not miss, why not let them know?

If you are an art student graduating in 2005, resident in Benelux, please free to send BRIEF information (remember to tell us from which academy you are graduating and the dates of your exhibition) and reasonably sized (no bigger than 1Mb) images token@hardpop.org . He will make sure that they are placed on the Mister Miyagi Learning Management System so that the curators and mentors will have access to them. But, also bear in mind that the Mister Miyagi participants will be formulating their project by the start of July, so if you don't want to be overlooked, get sending!

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