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Character Building
Creating, Playing, Embedding
Friday September 28th 2018
Sunday December 9th 2018
Opening Friday 28 September, 18.00 - 22.00
Curated by: 
Laura Deschepper, Frederic Vandevelde (after a concept by: Marloes de Vries)
For most of us, our favourite fictional characters exist only in the intangible universes of comics, films, or games. However, there are those who bridge this gap and bring their fantasies to the real world: cosplayers. At comic book conventions, such as Dutch Comic Con, fans meet their favourite characters, in person, from video games, anime, TV shows, or comic books. Cosplayers, people who dress up as their favourite characters, are a popular feature at these events.

Cosplayers physically and mentally transform into their favoured personality, with matching handmade outfits, props, and backstories. Cosplay plays with shaping identity and offers the possibility to respond to narratives in an individual and unique way. You could find yourself face to face with a devil spirit cosplayer, complete with pointy horns, flaming wings, and scarlet eyes, who, with a demonic tiger, is trying to kill her power hungry husband.

During Character Building, we transform the showroom into a cosplay mecca, where you can experiment with and learn all about all aspects of cosplay. Character Building is an interactive and dynamic exhibition, where the visitor contributes to the development of this three-month project. Throughout the exhibition, the creative output of the (professional) cosplayers and visitors will be increasingly intertwined with forms of fan fiction and fan art.

Character Building offers space for a contemporary cultural phenomenon that deserves admiration for its rich artistry. Cosplayers have the creative ability to question the status quo and shape their own identity. Within a safe environment, MAMA focuses on a contrarian and emancipatory vision on fan culture. The exhibition is based on issues related to gender identity, white supremacy, sexism, racism, and mainstream representations. Character Building is for those who believe in an inclusive and loving future.

The exhibition opens of September 28. You are very welcome to join us at the opening, especially in cosplay of other creative embodiment!

For more information about the opening, check out our Facebook!