This is MAMA

MAMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent – a gateway for young makers at the cutting edge of contemporary art and popular culture. MAMA makes exhibitions, books, and magazines, organises performances and events, presents and represents young artists at home and abroad, and is part of an international network. Founded in 1997, MAMA provides a platform for the expressions of new subcultures and countercultures.

MAMA’s programme is rooted in youth and popular culture and takes place in areas where broader cultural developments – social, technological, economic – become visible within contemporary art practice. New tendencies often emerge outside of the institutional context – online and offline, the private sphere and public domain. This setting is where collective activity thrives and where culture and creativity can manifest beyond institutional consent. MAMA closely follows the developments of a young generation of artists, striving to achieve this through invitation, support, and development.

TeamMAMA & Artistic New Talents
Above all, MAMA is a community. MAMA works together with a large and diverse group of emerging professionals: MAMA’s Artistic New Talents (ANTs). They provide feedback, solicited and unsolicited, on our content and the direction of the programme and the organisation. Many have become staff members or participated in our exhibitions and projects. Our supporters – both organisation and audience – are actively engaged, ambitious, and articulate.

High bar, low threshold
Talent development goes beyond providing education. The conditions for talent development surpass the offer of a curriculum and knowledge; it takes shape in an environment where those open to this idea can develop their talent, make their own choices, experiment, and innovate. The threshold to join should not be an obstacle, but the bar should and must be set high. Strong role models, critical feedback, and ample interaction with like-minded peers and fully-fledged practitioners are key in this. MAMA provides such an environment.
With TEAM MAMA, MAMA interweaves its artistic programme and focus on talent development. Our staff, artists, and supporters present themselves to the world as a continually expanding collective, influencing the choices in programming, communication, and organisational partners. TEAM MAMA emphasises collectivity and welcomes diverse voices in the programme.

MAMA develops talent, creating opportunities and platforms for this talent to showcase itself. MAMA demonstrates its entrepreneurship in a threefold manner:

• Emancipatory:
MAMA encourages outspoken and independent voices and ideas. Entrepreneurship contributes to the visibility of artistic visions outside of the mainstream. MAMA’s dialogic programme enables this for artists and audiences. We facilitate an environment in which participants are involved in public debate and artistic developments. We create the conditions for overturning a passive (symptomatic) cultural identity into one that is active (self-denoting). The radicalisation of our mutual form of programming makes this more tangible than ever.

• Confirmative:
MAMA not only creates opportunities for young creators, it also gives them insight into these processes. Making the right connection between the professional field and training, mainstream and underground, local and international, is always tailor-made to the individual. For the artists and the organisation, ties are forged and insights acquired that deliver sustainable returns.

• Financial
We intelligently capitalise our strengths through our network and translate our expertise and identity for products, services, and activities, achieving a diversification of income that, in turn, benefits other aspects of MAMA’s entrepreneurship.


The ANTS are MAMA's volunteers who provide valuable support for our wide range of activities. With the help of staff and external professionals, the ANTS Programme provides extensive work experience for young trainees in the cultural field.

MAMA is open from Wednesday through Sunday from 1 till 6 pm and by appointment.


Director: Nathalie Hartjes
Curator: Marloes de Vries
Coordinator Talent Development: Sigmar Vriesde
Marketing Coordinator: Shirin Mirachor (per 1 juli, 2017)
Office Manager: Kim de Haas (per 1 juli, 2017)
Technical: Ivo Sieben


Website: Jasper van Loenen, Erik de Graaff
Photography: Lotte Stekelenburg,
Corporate design: 75b, OONA
Software and hardware: Catching Media
Administration: Finance Force


At the moment there are no vacancies.


MAMA is frequently consulted by (young) artists, as well as by private, educational, and art institutions, for advice and participation in projects and workshops.
Through its program and its educational and Rookies programs, MAMA often works with other cultural institutions at home and abroad.

BesteBuren – Amsterdam, Bogue – Rotterdam, De Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier – Rotterdam, Entrepot – Brugge, Fabrica – Brighton, FOTODOK – Utrecht, Grafisch Lyceum – Rotterdam, HipHopHuis – Rotterdam, Hogeschool – Rotterdam, Koninklijke Academie – Den Haag, Leto Galeria – Warschau, Mothership – Rotterdam, New Dawn – Amsterdam, NICC – Antwerpen, SandWitz, AKV|Sint Joost – Breda, Stichting Art Rotterdam, Stichting Centrum Beeldende Kunst – Rotterdam, Stichting Kunstblock – Rotterdam, SKVR – Rotterdam, Stichting Rotterdam Festivals – Rotterdam, Stichting Rotterdamse Museumnacht – Rotterdam, Voor de Kunst – Amsterdam, Willem de Kooning Academie – Rotterdam.
MAMA receives support from The Municipality of Rotterdam's Cultural Plan 2013-2016. In 2015-2016, The Mondriaan Foundation supports MAMA from its long-term program for presentation institutes. MAMA's projects regularly receive supprt from: Stimuleringsfonds voor de Architectuur, dienst Kunst en Cultuur, VSBfonds, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Stichting Doen and Stichting Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

About Kunstblock

Since 2013, MAMA has been a member of the Kunstblock Foundation: a collaboration of art institutions in the Witte de With quarter. Kunstblock's members are TENT, CBK Rotterdam, V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Showroom MAMA, Witte de With, center for contemporary art, and WORM, Institute for avantgardistic recreation. Kunstblock was established to realise combined (and broad) public programs and promotions for which the participating institutes are individually too small or too specific. Through the insightful connecting of programs, inventing of new formats, and the alignment of activities, Kunstblock's partners aim to attract more audiences and achieve greater impact and scope on the arts and urban climate. Education is also an important part of the program.
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Kunstblock's activities include:
• De Derde Dinsdag – a monthly, touring live cultural preview
• Kunstavond – 1 x per month, Kunstblock's member organisations are open until 21:00 on a Friday
• Festival Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier – annual public festival
• Education – joint educational programs
• Art in public spaces
• Blockbuster – a collaborative annual artist in residence with many public spin-offs involving all the participating cultural institutions
• Shared calendar and responsive programming
• Shared website and marketing
• Initiative for an 'art manager' who represents Kunstblock Rotterdam in the urban planning around the Witte de Withstraat and connects entrepreneurs, residents, and cultural institutions (also outside of Kunstblock)
• Other joint activities
• Sharing knowledge, facilities, and equipment


MAMA has ANBI status (public benefit organisation). This means that a gift can be deducted from our income or corporation tax. Please visit the Tax Office website (link) for more information about the conditions.
From 1 January 2014, every ANBI is obliged to provide insight into a number of details. The goal is to be as transparent as possible for (potential) donors. You can find the information made mandatory by the tax authorities below. If you are interested in becoming a MAMA sponsor and wish to obtain additional information, please contact MAMA's Director, Nathalie Hartjes, by calling 010-2332022 or by email:

Statutory name: Stichting Public Art Squad

RSIN/tax number: 806370051

Visiting address: Witte de Withstraat 29-31, 3012 BL Rotterdam

Statutory objectives:
The Foundation aims to:
• Organise projects in the field of art and new media in indoor or outdoor spaces
• Stimulate artists to participate in new developments in the field of art and communication media
• Stimulate young people from Rotterdam, the Netherlands or who have their roots outside the Netherlands to participate in new developments in art and media

Chair: Paulette Verbist
Treasurer: Bart van de Laak
Ilga Minjon
Leyla Eren
Abdi Youssuf
Junior Board: Lauren Brand
Remuneration Policy: Board members receive no remuneration.

Download Policy Plan 2013-2014
Download Policy Plan 2015-2016
Download Annual Report 2013
Download Financial Statement 2013

General information

Bank Triodos Bank NV
IBAN NL66 TRIO 0338 6641 65
Statutory name: Stichting Public Art Squad
BTW (VAT): NL 8063.70.051.B.01
KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 24272758

MAMA is supported by the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fund