Can I kick it? Yes, you ANT!

As part of MAMA's Artistic New Talent, you are a vital part of TeamMAMA, you are firmly rooted in the city, and you are culturally engaged with a passion for the arts. You see a future for yourself within the cultural sector, and you are looking for like-minded people to enter into dialogue or even dive into the nightlife. After a Rookie year, in which you learn MAMA's ins and outs, you grow into one of the sub-teams or develop your self-initiative within the IRL programme. Paramount is your enthusiasm, curiosity, and ambition; from here you start your personal ANT course.

Give it back

As an ANT, your contribution is both at the front and backstage of MAMA's events and education projects. At any given time, TeamMAMA comprises about forty ANTs, each with their own interests, ambitions, and specialisations. TeamMAMA provides space to bring your artistic goals to a bigger stage and encourages you to develop your talent behind the scenes, gaining a solid professional position in the cultural field. Should you have little or no knowledge or experience, don't let this deter you. Thanks to TeamMAMA's diversity, you learn quickly from your fellow ANTs, developing your cultural position and vision at your own pace. As an ANT, we offer you the opportunity to develop. We provide the tools; you decide which ones to use.

TeamMAMA operates through several sub-teams, each representing a different aspect of the cultural field. By participating, you can gain the relevant practical involvement, thus letting you experience what qualities you possess and want to develop.

Within MAMA you can specialise and work in the following sub-teams:

Construction: Building and dismantling exhibitions
The oldest sub-team within MAMA is always ready for new blood. Led by our head technician, you contribute to the building and dismantling of exhibitions, ensuring that the work of the artists can be shown in MAMA's showroom.

Mamasté: Internal programming for TeamMAMA
Here you explore the depths of the exhibitions, passing on their broader context to other ANTs. You also work together with the talent development project leader on MAMA's team spirit, and you develop programmes in which more space is given to discovering everyone's ambitions and talents.

Education Team: Developing and implementing educational provision
MAMA is very active in the field of education for schools, on location, and at our showroom. As such, we like to train our ANT's to be critical, original, and surprising guides with a strong vision for art education. Self-initiative is fostered in consultation with the project leader. Culture changes and so does our educational provision.

Hospitality Team: Coordinating and staging events and openings
We have many events at MAMA; therefore we train our ANTs to be hospitality leaders. For this, you are given responsibility for the bar, staging, or purchase and sales. You also receive your 'social hygiene' diploma from us; whereafter you take on board the hospitality aspects of events in conjunction with the marketing coordinator.

Communications Team: How can we best promote the programme in the city?
What is the best strategy for this? In consultation with the marketing coordinator, you think about promotions and how MAMA more can be anchored in the city.

IRL Events: Half of the exhibition events programme is developed and implemented by ANTs
Every six months, the director, curator, and talent coordinator brief you about the year’s forthcoming exhibitions at MAMA’s showroom. After this, half of the exhibitions' events programmes are open to contributions from ANTs. In their implementation and development, you always receive coaching, process management, and artistic feedback from the staff.


You are between 18 and 30 years old and can dedicate at least 5 hours per week of your time to TeamMAMA. The ANT course is open to anyone within this bracket, regardless of training or knowledge of art. MAMA selects its ANTs based on motivation, personal qualities, and affinity with MAMA's character. Therefore, please explore the website and visit MAMA's showroom before you sign up. In consultation, there are opportunities to formulate courses within TeamMAMA that combine with an internship or formal studies.

How to become an ANT?

If you interested in participating in the ANT Programme, please send an email with your CV and your motivation to with "TALENT!" as the subject.


ANT's 2017: Anne Bosma, Anne Tullemans, Babis Daoutis, Bart Boogaard, Charmaine van Leyden, Christiaan Sprangemeijer , Darly Benneker, Esmeralda Hoffman, Fabienne Hendriks, Fleur Kassels, Gaston Jongenburger, Gloria August Panova, IIoana-Daniela Raileanu, Jacques Kayser, Jan Philip Siebold, Jara Verkleij, Jeanine Vloemans, Julia Perhuda, Jullaya Vorasuntharosoth, Lauren Verheijen, Lila Athanasiadou, Lotte Akse, Louisa Schmaderer, Luca Menesi, Maroeska Mulder, Mart Koenen, Merano Kalpoe, Mireille Bakx, Paula Segura Kliesow, Rik Kriz, Rishi Badal, Sabiha Taner, Sander van der Pol, Sarah Amrani, Selina Tady, Sjors van Rijsbergen, Tomas Mutsaers, Yael Keijzer en Yuki Dupain.


ANT's 2016: Anne Tullemans, Bente Wilms, Berber Schröder, Brigitte Jansen, Charlotte Tasma, Darly Benneker, Eva Coppenrath, Eva Nobbe, Fabienne Hendriks, Faye Holdert, Fheonna van der Helm, Ilse Dankers, Jacques Kayser, Julia Moreira, Lauren Brand, Lauren Verheijen, Lila Athanasiadou, Luca Menesi, Marissa Buter, Meike Schipper, Mireille Bakx, Naomi de Wit, Rik Kriz, Rishi Badal, Robina Zuijdervliet, Savic Scharp, Selina Tady, Sjors van Rijsbergen, Susie Nagy-Sàndor, Tomas Mutsaers, Yael Keijzer, Yos Purwanto.


Rookies MA 2015/2016: Bram Verhoef, Charlotte Tasma, Eva Nobbe, Giulia di Pietro, Sjors van Rijsbergen, Tomas Mutsaers.

Rookies MA 2013/2014: Jaleel-Roy Lindsey, Lauren Brand, Rory van Wingerden.

Rookies MA 2010/2011: Benjamin Li, Jesse van Oosten, Kyra de Boer, Naomi Oosterman, Thomas Molenaar.

Rookies MA 2008/2009: Aline Yntema, Marieke de Rooij, Tim Braakman.


Rookies Junior 2014/2015: Bart Hahn, Iris de Smit, Jeroen Bijloo, José Sitton, Melissa Klein, Mohamed Daoud, Mohamed Tourich, Nica Bol, Pien Poncin, Quinten Algra, Rick Horstman, Teun Beens.

Rookies Junior 2012/2013: Dunya van der Meulen, Jade Tseng, Jazz Leigh, Jeanine Vloemans, Lara Soliman, Suzanne Koopstra, Sarah Mhaouach, Robin Cuppens, Yael Keijzer.


Mr. Miyagi 2007: Charl Landvreugd, Eva Roovers, Imke Ruigrok, Ipek Mihrac Sur, Marie-Anne Souloumiac, Tom Goossen.

Mr. Miyagi 2006/2007: Camiel van Lenteren, Elke van Eeden, Femke Vos, Katayoun Arian, Magali Meijers, Petra Heck.

Mr. Miyagi 2005/2006: Carolien van den Akker, Gerben Willers, Karina van Bezooijen, Rudy Nacken, Sandra van Dongen, Yasser Ballemans.